"They think my Inuksuk is sexy .."

Saturday, May 17, 2008
Today us girls decided to make a trek out to Nanisivik so we could put our signs up on the Sign Forest in Nanisivik. We are quite proud of our painting abilities on our signs.

After we got our signs all up on the sign forest, we decided to head up to the "camp" where all of the workers live who are finishing the decommissioning of the mine for a cup of coffee and a visit with Suzanne (who fed us yummy cookies and sent us home with a huge pot of chili and fresh buns for supper - Merci Suzanne!)

From there, we went up to the water tank to check out the Inuksuks ... hence was born the line "They think my Inuksuk is sexy" (which eventually turned into a song... and then the title of this blog post - I did not come up with the "song / slogan", but it did become the theme of our little trip ... and the photo shoot).


Way Way Up said...

Looks like a fun time. I haven't been out there yet but I see from the big group picture that the place I was born made it into the forest.

Margaret said...

I'm surprised to see Hectanooga on a sign! I've a place in Meteghan, NS and have never seen it referred to anywhere - no matter up there!

Great photos and blog

Margaret Jeddry

Kennie said...

Thanks Margaret!

There were plenty of places on the sign posts that we all looked at each other and were like "where exactly is this place?".