Oh the joys of flying in the North

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Well, our flight was canceled today :-( .... but on the bright side, we have been automatically booked on tomorrows flight at 12:30pm (since when does First Air fly out of Nanisivik on a Wednesday??!!). Why was your flight canceled Kennie? Well readers, according to First Air, there is a blizzard going on here in Arctic Bay / Nanisivik. Uh .... no? It's clear blue skies outsdie today.

Looking at the radar image of the area, there is a little bit of activity in the sky, but not a blizzard. If this is a blizzard ... what on Earth is it when it really snows?


Clare said...

You can't tell the weather up at the airport from the weather here in Town. Many a day was beautiful here and the closer you got to the airport the worse the weather got. This morning at 0630 I couldn't see the top of King George or any of the mountains down Adam Sound.

Way Way Up said...

That reminds me of a couple Junes ago when I was scheduled to fly out. All clear here....zero visibility at the airport. 3 days and 4 cab rides later though the plane was finally able to get out.

Kennie said...

I know at 7:30 I was beginning to be able to see blue skies starting to stretch out towards Nanisivik ... and even my meteorologist contact brought down the most recent images and couldn't figure out where the "storm" was ... other than there was something heading towards Resolute.

Oh well... we're trying again tomorrow.

Darcy - Ouch. That would be one expensive taxi ride.

down south said...

Just think about the weather here:
Snowing at the top of Regent St, raining at the bottom of the hill, cross the bridge to the north side to blue skies and sunshine! It's happened more than once!! Weather is so unpredictable.