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Saturday, March 29, 2008

X-Files Movie Official Website

Fox sets date for 'X-Files' sequel, Mulder and Scully set to return to the big screen July 25, 2008

'X-Files' sequel is set for July

This is HUGE news for me. As some of my southern readers know, I am a huge (perhaps obsessed?) X-Files fan ... I lived for the show for nine years. Every Friday (or Sunday when Fox moved the show) night, I was in front of the tv, eyes wide open, glued to the set. And when the series started coming out on DVD's I snagged them up so I could re-watch all 201 episodes in high-resolution, surround-sound glory.

And now, six years after the series ended, nine years since the last X-Files movie, a sequel movie (that has yet to be titled) is being released in theaters July 25, 2008.

Guess where I will be everyone?


Jackie S said...

guess whaaat....

Jackie S said...

^ just add an "l" at the end of that to get the right link