Arctic Hip-Hop

Saturday, March 29, 2008

On April 19, 2008 at 7 PM Eastern (so 8PM in the Atlantic Provinces) Global TV will be airing a 1 hour feature documentary by Randy Kelly. This will be an in-depth story of BluePrint projects (Social Work through Hiphop) and how traditional Inuit culture is being integrated into hip-hop as Inuit youth find their own voice. It will be an incredibly positive story that follows a number of Inuit youth into their homes.

Capitalizing on the popularity of Hip Hop, social worker and longtime B-boy Stephen Leafloor has brought positive Hip Hop workshops to the north, this time, to the remote Hamlet of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

While dancing to the beat, kids are encouraged to blend their rich, ancient culture with a modern one. Between backspins and body-waves, they discuss bullying, body image and suicide. Five days later they emerge not only better dancers, but more confident kids, who have a clearer idea of how to balance their cultural identity with modern times.

Please help spread the word by forwarding this information to your contacts - we want to get all of Nunavut and the rest of Canada tuning in.