The Sun!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
The Sun has returned to Arctic Bay!!

This shot was snapped during lunch around 12:40 pm ... and at that time it was also -46 degrees outside (ikkii! - yes, I did go back to my classroom and put on my parka and moon boots to go outside - I did not go outside in a hoodie and birks). From here on in we will be getting about 15 extra minutes of daylight per day until we reach the beginning of our 24 hour light period which should be in the first week of May.

The town was covered in a nice layer of ice fog all day and you really couldn't see too much in front of you - especially this afternoon when the mountains across the bay mysteriously disappeared.


down south said...

Here comes the sun...... here comes the sun! (now you can hum along)

anitsirK said...'s alright... do-doo-do-doo-do-do-do...

Yay for sun! We got pounded with freezing rain last night, then a nice layer of snow, then more ice, then more snow, then more ice today.

Kennie said...

Ohhh Sing-a-long!

Fun fun! We just get amazing swings in temperatures ... we went from -39 to -3 to -48 in 48 hours. It was great! (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?). At least we're not at -66 like some of the other communities!