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Saturday, December 15, 2007
Being one of those strange marketing people, I like to know how my visitors actually find me. For the most part, it has been through me either emailing the link out and then it is sent all over the place or through facebook (as my blog is linked from there to here). However, it is always quite interesting to find out what search queries people have used on the internet that have led them here to Tales from the Arctic. Here are the top 10:

10. Twilight zone you are entering: (hmmm... I always thought it was "You are now entering the twilight zone")

9. Pictures of the Snow Dance: Snow dance eh? as far as I know, there is no such dance here in Arctic Bay

8. Surviving Tips 101: The Arctic: Wear a CG parka .. you'll be fine

7. Inuit Fishing Hole In Ice: And where else would this hole be located?

6. Arctic Bay RCMP: I know who you are :-), how's everything down south?

5. Does XM Satellite Radio Work in Nunavut: The Answer is NO works for about three weeks between August and September .. the rest of the year you are SOL. As an add on, Sirius Satellite Radio doesn't work in Nunavut either very well. We get next to no reception in Arctic Bay (except for that three week window in Aug-Sept). Both XM and Sirius will swear up and down that it works all the way up here .. take it from me, it doesn't. But, I do believe that there is decent reception in Iqaluit.

4. Purple Arctic Birds: As far as I know, we have no purple birds up here

3. Anti-Snow Dance: Yes, I did blog about the anti-snow dance when I was heading off to Iqaluit back in September

2. Arctic Bay Blog: There are three of us, myself, Way Way Up, and The House and Other Arctic Musings

1. Kendra Haines: now, how exactly has my real name made it out? And why has there been 70 searches all on the same day? And all of the hits were on November 28th, 2007 ... have a feeling it might have been that CBC clip on Arctic Bay .....

So there we have it, Tales from the Arctic's Top 10 List.


Shelagh said...

I found Clare's facebook group for Arctic Bay, from there his blog and from there I found you. Goggle searches are for... well people who know what they are looking for.

Kennie said...

lol - looks like another one to add to the list :-)

Way Way Up said...

I've gotten a few interesting search terms pop up for me on Stats Counter. I did a post a couple months back about this little old lady who let me into a church in the Czech Republic. So I've gotten some pretty nasty seach queries come up. Some are a bit amusing but there's no way I could put them on my blog.

Kennie said...

lol - .. well these are some of the tamer ones most of them haven't been too bad, some quite grammatically incorrect, but humorous nonetheless.

Ian said...

Heading from Toronto to Norman Wells next week, guess I will leave my Sirius radio at home then! *grumble*

Anonymous said...

by the did you come to find out how people were searching for your blog? a website? can ya fill a brotha in?