You are now entering the twilight zone

Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Yesterday was the last day that I would see the sun for a long time. Now, as we enter the dark season, the sun won't quite make it up above the mountains here due to the way that the Earth has now rotated in relation to the sun. We still will "see" the effects of the sun for a couple more weeks (ie: we can see its reflection against the clouds), but that ball of fire way up in the sky has disappeared for now... not to be seen again for two months.

12:05 pm

12:30 pm

12:50 pm


and then the sun was gone.


Jen said...

We don't actually get true darkness here, but it's still a bummer when the sun hides out on the other side of the mountain. Last winter my husband ended up driving me to the other side on snowmobile just to see it. The feeling was incredible. Who knew that "fire ball" was soo important to ones mental health!

Kennie said...

hmm - exactly. A group of us are planning to go snowmobile out around the mountains this weekend (if the weather is nice) to see the sun. I"m glad I snapped tons of shots of the "fire ball" before it totally disappeared.

Dooner said...

I now feel much better about our 3pm sunset here in Iqaluit.

Kennie said...

lol - 3pm .. that would be nice. At 3pm today it was a dark outside as what it was at 9:00am .. and by the time I left school (4:20pm), it was as dark out as it was at 7:00am. Can't wait for the one hour of 'sun-light' coming up next week.