Little more Inuktitut 101

Saturday, November 3, 2007
A couple more words have made its way into my lingo .. and I can more or less use these words too on a daily basis ... plus, these are good words for anyone traveling North to know (sorry if there are repeats), and yes I am remembering certain things from my own days of studying linguistics in posting these words, although I'm not about to try writing them in syllabics:

Hello / Hi = Ai
Good Morning = Ullakkut
Good Afternoon = Unnussakut
Good Evening = Unnukkut
How are you = Qanuippit
How's it going / I'm doing good = Qanuingittunga
See you later = Takulaarivugut
Thank-you = Nakurmiik
People from Nunavut = Nunavummiut

and there are other words too.. I just need to find my cheat sheet that I have them all written down on.


down south said...

I showed these to my kids today. We had a great time trying to figure out how to pronounce them! I don't think we did very well, phonetically speaking, but we had a fun time. Kinda puts things in perspective for them as they are in their second year of FI.