All is well in Arctic Bay

Friday, November 2, 2007
Today is Friday! Woot! All went well in Arctic Bay today. Our soccer teams flight took off from Nanisivik this morning as scheduled (as we were all worried that it was going to be canceled due to weather). So good luck in Iqaluit to all of you! Make us proud!

And we have confirmation that our two new teachers will be arriving tomorrow at the airport around 11:00 (if all goes well). I have to meet up with them at their place when they arrive as I have their keys .. so it's going to be an early morning of calling the airport to make sure that the flight is going to land. Here's hoping for a good and clear flying day.

Well, November 3rd came and went... and our teachers flew over us, landed in Resolute, flew over us again and are now back in Iqaluit for the night. With any luck, there is going to be another attempt tomorrow at getting them here... so crossing fingers and hoping for good flying weather .... everyone do the good flying weather dance

It's now November 4th, and the plane is going to try it's third attempt at landing here in Nanisivik at 7:23 pm ... if it lands, I get to hike across town to meet the new teachers at their place to give them their keys, drop off some rations so they can have breakfast and a list of important phone numbers. Here's hoping that the weather gods are on our side


Jen said...

I love meeting new people! Ok it's totally weird but I read this exactly at 7:23! Hope that plane is landing as I write

Kennie said...

Jen, the plane did land at 7:23 as planned, and they arrived at their place around 9:00 (got to love the long and twisty icy road that you have to drive on to get back to Arctic Bay at night).