Off to Nanisivik I Go

Monday, September 3, 2007
Today's adventure took me to Nanisivik (about 30 min away from Arctic Bay) with Kirk, Aletha and my roommate for a hike to see the waterfall and to do a little climbing (not quite as much as Saturday though ;-) ).

We left Arctic Bay around 2:00 and arrived in Nanisivik around 2:30 where we first stopped off at the "new cafeteria" for the workers up there that are decommissioning the mine and the town. We stuck around chatting for a little bit and had a nice cup of coffee before heading off to check out the "cruise" ship that was in at the port from we think Russia (at least we think it was from Russia).

From the docks, we drove back up the road a km or two and parked the truck on the side of the road and took off on foot towards the waterfall.

The hike to the falls

The "Red" River"

As you can see, the river rocks are red, making the water look red as well. Although we argued whether it was the sulphate in the rocks or the iron that made it red, no one really knew (although, it didn't have a sulphate smell).

The Falls

The Dare Devils

The River Walker

We checked out the water fall for about half-an-hour with us passing cameras back and forth (got to love it when each of us has a camera and were all snapping pictures of each other - so more pics of this adventure to come). From there we climbed up a nice rocky mountain-hill back towards the main road. Once we made it back to the main road, we didn't realize how far the truck was from us. Contemplating walking out to the truck, Kirk came up with the bright idea to just ask the workers up the road for a lift out to the truck. The workers were more than glad to give him a lift to the tuck. Aletha, Paulette and I relaxed soaking in the sun while we waited for our chariot to return.


Mme R. Haines said...

Looks like you spent a very enjoyable day. We debated too, and I'm pretty sure the rocks are red because of the iron they contain.

Way Way Up said...

Great pictures.....I'm jealous. I haven't been out to Nanisivik in a couple years now.

Kennie said...

My goal is to hike (or fall down :-) ) as many mountains and hills as possible here.. as long as I get some good pictures. Thinking of tacking King George next weekend (as I still haven't had the chance to climb it yet ...)

Mme R. Haines said...

Jeff (our rock hound geologist/techie) says it is iron in the rocks that causes the red. So there you have it! Sulpher would stink, and maybe leave a yellow colour behind.

Bonnieupnorth said...

Brings back alot of summer memories!