Brr It's Cold Outside

Thursday, September 6, 2007
Well, I think summer is finally over and we've moved directly into winter ... at least winter to me. It was a little chilly here today and it snained (snow + rain) all day long - but at least we don't have any snow covering the ground. I'm going to have to get a digital thermometer to put in the window so I can keep track of the temperature changes here.

Things are going well at school. Loads of planning to do, and I even have to plan for a week of me being away (as I might be heading to Iqaluit at the end of the month for NFU meetings).

Tomorrow should be an interesting day in Arctic Bay as there is a cruise ship arriving in with 90 passengers (at least that's what I've heard) [now by cruise ship, I don't mean the ones that take us down to Bermuda; it was an educational cruise ship from what I've gathered as most of the passengers on it were either retired teachers or researchers who wanted to see the Arctic] .. so there will be plenty of pictures of that. I wonder if it is the same boat I saw over the weekend in Nanisivik [it wasn't the same boat that I saw in Nanisivik .. it was another boat .

The "Cruise Ship"


missus bean said...

Yeah, it got really cold here all of a sudden too...not snow cold but down to +2 with a fairly bitter wind. Bizarre :P

anitsirk said...

I have to say, your pictures make me jealous... but the talk of snow doesn't! Then again, it's 30 degrees here in Waterloo, so a little cooler would be nice, but not that cold yet!

Kennie said...

It warmed up quite a bit today (well.. in the afternoon it did - we're at around 7 degrees - a warm day here in the Arctic).