Off to Iqaluit I Head

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Next week brings another adventure for myself. Tuesday morning (Sept. 25) , bright and early, I leave Arctic Bay for a conference in Iqaluit as I am our schools PI rep and all of the PI reps for Nunavut schools are all gathering together for training sessions / networking (I'll be down in Iqaluit until Oct. 1; I get back in Arctic Bay around 5:30 pm).

What is really nice about this trip is that I get to spend 1.5 days in Iqaluit before the conference even begins as flights down south only happen every couple of days, not every day. This is excellent, as my last stint in Iqaluit (the 8 hours in an airport) I didn't venture too far, but this time I can take the time to really go walk around Iqaluit and check the place out and visit as much of it as I can for the short time that I am there.


Anonymous said...

Iqaluit - I am sure folks will fill you in on lots of items. Best prices on small jewellery items - the Museum. Best and cheapest lunches - hospital $10. 1130 sharp. Great food, really. Check out Rannva's in Apex for sealskins and fur stuff. Wonderful designer. Nice little giftshop in the old armory by Baffin Florists. All local made stuff, reasonably priced.

The walk around the harbour is nice at low tide. Baffin Island Canners have good deals on frozen fruits. Sylvia Grinnell Park is a nice hike from town.


mom said...

Gee.. you could do some xmas shopping!

Juanasi Akumalik said...

Don't forget to pick up some fresh meat, spareribs, porkchops, etc.

A visit to the legion is a must.