Crossing the Arctic Tundra

Sunday, September 16, 2007
This afternoon a group of us teachers and RCMP (myself, Paulette, Monty, Darcy, Salam, Aletha and Glen) went for a hike out along the arctic tundra to the waterfalls close to Arctic Bay. It was a pretty good hike out, lots of snow in some areas and green (well.. kinda green) tundra grass. And as usual, we had plenty of rocks that we had to climb down, up and across to get to our final destination.

The waterfalls were a pretty amazing sight. The falling water and ice formations were breathtaking and well worth the sometimes slippery hike along the rocks to the base of the waterfall.

The Arctic Tundra Hikers


Nancy said...

Hey, I never heard about that, where is that? (I worked in Arctic Bay for 6 weeks in 2006).

mom said...

It's winter! Where is your jacket?
Awsome pics. I took a look at all you posted on flikr. Wow! Amazing!

Kennie said...

Nancy, it's a good 3km (maybe more) hike south west of the landfill. Essentially, you know where King George V Mountain is? Instead of going to the mountain, you begin to head in a direction towards town and out.

Mom, had the under-armour on underneath, I was warm and toasty. It was too hot for the Parka.