Well... I'm Here!

Friday, August 17, 2007
Finally arrived in Arctic Bay Thursday Morning at 2:00AM. I was not a happy camper. I was tired, grimy, and all I wanted to do was take a shower.... however; I had no working shower in my unit (and I still don’t). I gave up having a shower, found my sleeping bag and pillow and just went to bed.

Woke up the next morning around 7:30AM (sigh... why did I have to wake up??). Puttered around my place a little bit (wanted to check it out to see if there were any irregularities that I had to let housing know of (and there were), then ventured out into the town to see if I could find a phone (since I had no working phone; and still have no working phone).

So, where do you go when your the new one in town, knowing where no one lives? To the RCMP. There, I had a mini crisis, as I was a) still extremely tired, b) grimy, c) hadn’t had breakfast yet as I had no groceries and the Northern wasn’t open, and d) really really really needed a cup of coffee. The RCMP let me have my mini-crisis, gave me plenty of coffee, reassured me that I was not the first to go to them to have a mini-crisis and let me use their phone so I could let my relocations officer know I had arrived, so I could call my principal to see if he knew where my keys were and of course, to call home to say that I was alive.

After that, I went over to the school to meet up with Tim (our principal) and Morty (Assistant Principal) and to check out the school. After checking out the school, I went over to the Northern to see what I could potentially find for rations until my sea lift arrived. Dear god... I freaked out when I saw the prices of some items: 2L container of generic OJ = 24.32$, 1 can of Pepsi = 5.00$, the look on the cashiers face when I purchased a bushel of Kiwis, Apples, Pancake Mix and Bran Buds = priceless. In all, the little rations that I purchased cost around 50.00$. Boy am I glad I ordered a sea lift.

From there, I went back home to cook up some lunch. I wound up having a pop-tart and a cup of coffee. After lunch, the manager of the housing corp here came over and we did an inspection of the unit. To say the least, I was point out things left, right and center. Starting with the fact that I had no working shower. We continued from there, and the usual things were written up - dust, need new windows (here, here and here), shower needs to be fixed, washer missing, dryer needs a vent, potential mold in behind the shower (as the whole dry wall area was wet). So of course ... things are slowly getting done. Ever so slowly.

And of course, I had to crash at another teachers last night as the paint was still drying in our unit and the fumes were... well, a little too much to handle - so I camped out for the night until my place was aired out.

Tomorrow is Saturday, not too sure what is going to be going on, but ... I imagine something will come up.