Still Alive ... More or Less Moved In

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Been here in Arctic Bay for four days now and I’m beginning to settle in. My house (or apartment) is still lacking some of the basic things that would give a sense of normalcy (a working shower, washer and dryer ... were working on those... and if needed I will be placing the call to Cape Dorcet myself to get things accomplished).

Haven’t really unpacked anything yet.. brought out the things that I needed to sustain life (frying pan, pot, coffee pot and some basic toiletries, but everything else is still in bags and will probably stay in bags until my stuff from down home arrives ... which I hope is soon, as i REALLY miss sleeping on my futon.)

Tomorrow is our first day in at the school and we have to be there by 8:30am. Not too bad I guess. I also have to see if it is ok for me to sneak away to the health center for a little bit at 11:15 so I can get a booster shot (as I need to get my next round ASAP).

Today, was supposed to be a normal day. Until I tired to use the washing machine. It still leaks like there is no tomorrow and I think the pipes may need to be redone. This is task number one to get accomplished tomorrow (when I get a chance), as well as going to the Hamlet office and getting my tenants insurance all set up.

This afternoon we (my roommate and I) went out with some of the locals to the ‘picnic’ area out past the first bridge. It was pretty neat. Found out that our water is not trucked in from far away, but that we have a fresh water lake where we get it from, it is then pumped and transported here for us. And, I also tried a little bit of seal meat today (they had some cooking at the picnic). I wasn’t too bad ... not a meat I would eat all of the time though. We were also invited out for some fishing after the picnic (we are allowed to have 7 fish in our fridge as non-perm residents), but we decided not to go as we were tired and figured that we should try to get rested and ready for tomorrow.