Week One Almost Done

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Week one is almost done here. The week went well - still getting used to how things go up here, but things are going well. Still have no PO Box... and don't expect to get one any time soon - but on the bright side, the post office people know who I am now, so I no longer have to give my name when going to see if I have any mail (yeah!).

Have some more pictures for those of you who are curious to know what is going on up here, and the long awaited for classroom pics!

Not bad for a multi-level classroom eh?


missus bean said...

Kennie, that room is GORGEOUS! The school can't be too old can it?

Wow...*turns green with jealousy*

I'm glad your first week went well!

Kennie said...

The school surprisingly was built in the 70's. Inside it's looking pretty good.. outside.. it needs a little work .. but mostly because of damage done to the building by kids who have nothing better to do.

roberta.haines said...

Your classroom looks great!

J. Whelan said...

Your classroom looks wonderful. I'm really happy your enjoying your classes with the young ones.