Talk to a Human

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Oh how the digital world works.

Classes went well today - my grade 2 and 3 ESL classes were, well.. wonderful. The grade 2 class loved Down by the Bay and I got some pretty nice drawings from the students too.. I'm going to have to create an art wall in my classroom. The grade 3 class enjoyed The Diary of a Worm and did some drawing representing the book as well.

My Media classes.. well.. there media classes. The students are still trying to figure out why they have to be there as they don't think they need the class to graduate (even though I did explain to them that they needed 5 CTS credits to graduate and if they didn't think they had to be here in class that they should go speak to the principal. Most of them agreed that they needed the class after that (hehehehe).

So here I am now, on hold with the aeroplan people as I wanted to know how many points I needed to fly from Nanisivik to Ottawa. At first I was talking with one of those robotic voices giving it vocal prompts on to where I wanted to be directed. And of course, we all know how the phones work up here in the North, static, popping, dropping of calls.. I got frustrated with the mechanical voice and said as clearly as possible "Talk to a Human!". Immediately, the voice replied back, "You've asked to speak to a customer service representative. Is this correct?" YES! It's amazing when technology does what you want it to do ;-). So as far as I know, it should only take 25,000 km to fly to Ottawa from up here as we are a neighboring province. Apparently it takes less points if you are a neighboring province as compared to a non neighboring province. Go figure.


Juanasi Akumalik said...

Hi there!

let me introduce myself first. My name is Joanasie Akumalik. I was born and raised in Arctic Bay but I amn one of those people from Arctic Bay born people who never got to stick around to the end but I still do come in and out. Its hard not to run away from home.

I was always excited the first school days, new teachers, new classroom, checking who made it to the class and who didn't and advancing. I am sure that you are excited as well with Arctic Bay. Teachers were troubleshooters a while back and they were always helpful in everyway. But things have changed a bit in the last little while. Technoly and Eminem are here to stay.

I wish to welcome you but I wanted to tell you that don't get your expectations too high on everyhting while you are in Arctic Bay. You will feel disapointed if you didn't get your newspaper or your decaf coffee most of the time while in Arctic Bay. Students will get use to you and swear and or curse and the courses will become boring but its with the team work I thing that things go well. I was just a little disapointed when I read your part about checking the airlines for how many points you should get to get to Ottawa - that message implied to me that, what you have been in Arctic Bay for less than two weeks, and you are already checking to check out from the communnity? Hmmm? yea! its an Inuit town but we do have values....Please be patient!

Kennie said...

Hi Joanasie,

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my time up here and soaking in all of the sights, pleasures (and frustrations) as they come and, luckily, laughing them off rather than going into a funk.

It's these little pleasures that I discover (like air fare, and my coffee) that keep me in sync .. and keep my sanity - still very much so adjusting to the Northern life.

Checking out? Not, yet ... not for a while ... but from where I'm from, if you don't plan well ahead, things might not go as you hope
for (plus, when your a recent uni graduate, anything that you can get for "free" is a good thing .. and that's where most of the excitement is from).

I'm not even too sure what my expectations should be - other than please come to class and try your best