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Friday, July 24, 2009
My parents arrived back in NB after a 8-week long trek across Canada. They traveled over 22,000 km and drove through 7 provinces and two territories. And of course, they took pictures.

And just to give me (and you readers) a glimpse of what I am about to travel/move to in 26 more sleeps:

The highway that will lead me to my new home

Look at those mountains ... and trees ....

The Great Canadian Moose

The road (type) that I will travel on many times while in the Yukon

More Photos from the Yukon taken on my parents trip.


Jordan~Stephanie said...

First of all those photos are stunning. SEcondly, thanks for reading the blog ... it's nice to have people reading. It's our first blog so, we just hope we're doingit right!

Thanks for your input. Best of Luck in the Yukon! We'll be reading!

Morena said...

Amazing pictures! Looking at that every day would make me happy.

Arctic Hare said...

How arctic hare can adapt in extreme conditions ?:)