Have I ever said how much I hate packing?

Monday, May 18, 2009
It has been one busy long weekend for Kennie up in Arctic Bay. Now that the initial "OMG!" has worn off ... now comes the task (that I really really really do not like) - packing. So instead of enjoying the weekend and going fishing that is what I've been doing.

Packing. Sorting. Cleaning. Tossing. Reconsidering the Tossing. Tossing. [repeated for three days]. Thankfully, I have some help from the awesome Heather from across the street - don't know how I'd be able to do this without your help (and going do you really need this?).

Not too much left to pack now .. got a couple of coffee mugs (the Marc Tetro Polar Bear and Huskies mugs - to whom I hope don't get damaged on the way home ... as I love these mugs - if any one in AB is reading this and has any bubble wrap that they can donate to a good cause it would be appreciated!).

And of course, there is also the yard sale that will be happening later on this week .... and then again next weekend. Stuff has been moving out though, actually sold quite a bit so far - but there is still more to go!

And to add to the wonderful times here in AB, this week is exam week for my high school students. Boy are they in for a surprise .. especially some of them who haven't bothered coming in all week and then missed the massive Grammar review we did on Friday. Tomorrow is our last review day and I already have stuff planned for it - so I hope my students took good notes throughout the term (here's hoping they did!).

Oh, and also, my days have begun to meld into one long day. This whole 24 hour light thing .. not liking it too much this year - I am really noticing it this time around. My body just won't shut down at normal hours any more. I am freaking WIDE awake at night. Last night, I watched the first two LOTRs before my brain finally forced my body to give up and go to sleep at 3:00am ... and then of course, I'm back up at 8:00am cause it's light out! Sigh. I can handle the sleep deprevation for three more weeks ..... right?

Well back to drinking my camomile tea and listening to Diana Krall's new album ... maybe that will mellow me out some ....