Nunavut Quest 2009: From Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet

Saturday, April 18, 2009
For the past couple of days, town has been a little more "crowded" as teams and spectators from Northern Baffin have been arriving here in town for Nunavut Quest, which is set to kick off on Monday. Racers this year will be traveling by dog sled from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet.

This weekend, there has been a wave of activities to help celebrate NQ-09. Last night there was a dance held in the gym, and today there were games on the ice as well as a mini-race for the racers (they went out around the point, out the inlet and hung a right as far as I know and then went on for a couple of kms before looping back to Arctic Bay).

I hiked on down to the ice to see what was going on and to snap some pictures of the activities and dogs for all to see. The dogs were quite anxious to get out and running and we were quite anxious to see them off for their mini-race.

After the teams set off for their mini-race ... we all headed off to play some games... until the teams came back.

After a couple of hours outside in the cold (-10 my *** .. once ya add in the windchill, were back down to -23) I decided to head on back up the hill home as a) I was frozen and b) camera was frozen.

It was a good day outside through, soaked in as much sun as I could while there .. and now I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow as there is going to be a tea party out at the iceberg .. and I'm hoping for even better weather Monday as we (the school) are all going down to the ice for the afternoon to watch the race begin and play games.


down south said...

Looks like a fun day!

Way Way Up said...

Watching the activity through my egg-coated window from the warmth of my living room worked for me.

Kennie said...

LOL - yeah .. well - I like going outside and becoming a frozen teach-cicle :-) besides, can't be a vampire all day :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool, first couple in the ice chiseling contest were my in-laws. Second couple, the ice scooper is Leah (she won), and Travis was in the race. Cool.

Kennie said...

It was quite amusing watching Leah dig that ice out too ... I wasn't too sure if her arms were long enough at times.