Shuffle my Apple

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have had a long relationship with the iPod families. I've gone through every version of the shuffle. My v1.0 shuffle died after going on one too many long runs in the summer months .. who-da-thunk that small electronics wouldn't like sweat? Shuffle v2.0 .. while it lasted longer after suffering through many long runs ... ultimately met its fate one cold arctic day while out on a run .. yet again, who-da-thunk that condensation from being inside a pocket and then freezing would cause it to die. Sure not me! And then there is v3.0 who didn't even make it to the 6 month mark ... yet again, I know I should have learned my lesson the last time ... the shuffle doesn't like condensation or freezing. So here we move on to the new Shuffle v4.0. I am very tempted to find out how well it will survive in arctic conditions as well ... hmmm... maybe a little experiment needs to happen up here...

So .. Apple, if you are reading this.. can you make a shuffle that:
a) won't fry due to sweat / water / condensation
b) won't die cause it got frozen from being out in the Arctic environment

And I guess while we are at it ... can you also Arctic-ify the iPod too? The battery doesn't hold up too well up here.


Jennith said...

mine kicked the bucket because it didn't like playing with my mac... I've lost all the songs on it twice now... and while it still works, I'm not feeling up to reloading them a 3rd time from cd. Maybe this summer.

Kennie said...

see - they key is to keep the songs on your mac. If the shuffle can't find them to "sync" with it will self destruct. I learnt that as well the hard way.