Return to Academia

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
After a two year "break" from "learning" I am back in the "classroom"... well the e-classroom to be exact. Last week I began an online course offered through the University of the Arctic called "Introduction to the Circumpolar World" as part of my professional development endeavors (and to add a little more flare flair to my cred sheet :-) ).

And this is why it's been a little quiet here on Tales from the Arctic this past week ... I've got a lot of reading and researching to do during the nights, and by the time I'm done my work, I can barely stand looking at the computer any more to be able to post up a quick update.

So what have I been up to? Well, I've been enjoying the return of the sun. I've been constantly moving around in my classroom trying to stay in the sun while teaching just because it feels so good. And when I'm not teaching, I'm researching all about the Arctic - mostly all about Arctic Bay and Kautokeino, Norway (as I am comparing these two circumpolar communities for my course project).

Researching for this project would be a heck of a lot easier if a) I had more bandwidth, as it's been pretty intense so far and b) if I new how to read Norwegian / Saami - cause I think I've found an article that might give me a good portion of the answers that I need... but I only understand about every 10th word. Sigh. Oh well. All part of the research fun right??

So right now I am sitting here on my couch, surrounded by article printouts, books that I've borrowed from our library and a pot of coffee with a straw sticking out of it ... and am only about 1/2 done the assignment ... yet some how I am up to page 12 already ... go figure. Thankfully, it is not due until Saturday, so I should have plenty of time to finish it up. It's mostly just stringing everything that I've found together into some coherent form. I figure after 8 years of university I should be able to do that right?


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Learn it all and then you and I can take a trip. I want to tour more of the north, especially Greenland and Iceland.

I have looked at that course before and it looks really interesting!!

And 8 years eh? Were you lost or something?

Kennie said...

Yeah! A Trip! Apparently, it's only supposed to take an hour to fly to Nuuk Greenland from Iqaluit (at least that's what some of the articles i've been reading say .. I somehow don't think that's possible).

So far it's pretty interesting .... we will see how the rest of it goes as we dive into politics (bleh).

Lost ... well.. yeah ... floating down the river denial. Didn't want to face the real world ... university was just so safe! No bosses to be yelled at by, no need to dress up to go to work... and I had unlimited coffee breaks!

Way Way Up said...

At one time shortly after I moved to Nunavut it was possible to take a direct flight from Iqaluit to Nuuk but not long ago (not sure exactly when) the route was cancelled. Iqaluit's airport is officially called "Iqaluit International Airport". So we now have an international airport (with its own little area for Customs in the terminal) that does not actually have any international flights!

down south said...

Academia... that's good... "to add flare" to your resume. Try adding "flair" first, otherwise it might go up in smoke!

Kennie said...

oops .... late night posting boo-boo