Let the Voting Begin!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
It is time!

Clare has released the top 5 candidates for Best Nunavut Blogs, Best New Nunavut Blog and the candidates for Best Post from 2008. Head on over to the polls to cast your vote now!


Jamie said...

It's fascinating finding your blog. We are about to get a major cold front here in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). Our low will be at about -10C, and our high will be at -5. LOL. I know you laugh at that.

My wife is from Kingston, Ontario, and her sister taught in Rankin Inlet for a couple years before moving to Courtenay, BC. I wish I had been able to visit Rankin, and I would love to see the far north someday. The farthest north I've ever been is around Anchorage, Alaska.

Kennie said...

Hi Jamie,

Oh, how I miss -10C (that's short and t-shirt weather up here when the sun is shining down on us :-D). I feel sorry for the rest of mainland Canada and parts of the US as we are sending our Arctic air to them - temps down south are between -35C and -55C).

Rankin is a beautiful location (from what I have been told and seen through pictures); I hope to get there some day for a couple of years. The far North is a wonderful place - and it really makes you sit back and appreciate all of the 'perks' of southern life when you return south. Anchorage is pretty up North too .. but in what I still consider 'southern lifestyle' setting.

Glad you found the blog!


jen said...

OH it's on like TRON Kennie lol! ;) Good luck!

Kennie said...

LOL Jen! Bring it On! :-P