Hockey Afternoon in Arctic Bay

Friday, January 30, 2009
This afternoon we all (everyone in the school) went down to the arena to watch a Teacher/Staff/Community Member vs. Students (the boys hockey team - Midget I think .... grade 9+) hockey game.

Both teams 'fought' hard on the ice to claim the title of 'King of the Ice' as the school and community cheered on.

I have no idea what the final score was (and not that it really matters) as I was out in the arena lobby trying to get feeling back in my hands as I was snapping pictures during the game.

***[things that I learned while taking photos of the game: 1) I definitely need mid-range focal length lens as the ones I have were either too limited or way too much for what I needed; 2) a flash would have been pretty useful as the lighting in the arena isn't the best; 3) my camera is not the best for sports / action shots ... looks like I might be looking at investing in a Nikon in the future]