Here Comes the Sun

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Exciting times here in the North! School has started up again ... and... wait for it ... the sun is beginning to make its presence known! Over the last couple of days we've been having an ever increasing pink glow on the horizon - which can mean only one thing ... we are exiting from the dark side of the moon!

This was what it was looking like just before noon today here in Arctic Bay.


Jennith said...

Oooooh! That is exciting. I really can't imagine it being dark totally... I'll have to try it out some day. The excitement here today was that it was only -14 and hardly even windy and I was able to walk to the store and back without my hood up :D.

Kennie said...

LOL - it's been windy and chilly here as of late. Oh, and the total dark is pretty hard to imagine too ... but luckily, we only really have 4 weeks of 'complete' dark. So it's not too bad.

Way Way Up said...

If my expert calculations are correct (ok, I cheated and used a website specifically designed to figure this sort of thing out), the sun will break over the horizon January 30. I had forgot the exact date, but Jan. 30 seemed to ring a bell, not that it matters anyway with the mountains in the way. We should actually be able to see the sun from town Feb.5 (unless it's overcast).

A couple years ago I cheated by heading up the big hills north of town to catch sight of the sun a day early....Feb. 4 I think it was.....but everyone else was doing the same thing that day so I didn't feel so bad. I might do that again this year unless of course its overcast, in which case.......anyway, yeah, I miss the sun just a tad too.