First Week Back Wrap Up

Friday, January 9, 2009
The first week back to school was a crazy one. Things started out pretty rocky right off the bat with some unexpected events at school ... but we all pulled together and made the best of it. Wednesday, the kids came back to school - excited and happy to be back at school ... but oh so exhausted as their sleep patterns are still all topsy turvy from the holidays.

My classes are going well ... they keep getting larger each day. Soon, I really am going to run out of space in my classroom. It's pretty tricky fitting in 31 high school students in a classroom. We have to go on a chair hunt each day and steal chairs from other high school classrooms (usually Darcy's) as during my English class (the last period of the day) I have about 40% of our registered high school students in it. We are having fun though, being crammed into my classroom.

This afternoon during the last 30 min of school we held our second Staff vs. High School Students volley-ball game. It was a fun and challenging game, with us teachers diving and ducking to avoid being beamed in the head with a volley-ball at times. Our high school students sure can hold their ground in sports.

Tonight, everyone is laying pretty low as were all pretty wiped out after this first week back. It's always a struggle getting back into the groove of teaching after a lazy holiday.