Hip-Hop in Arctic Bay ... Day 2

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Phew! Another crazy long day is over ... and am I ever tired (or maybe fried :-) ). Today our students learned some new cool moves like how to spin on their backs and some body rotations / flips / twirls and some transition moves that they can use in between. The kids and community youth seemed to be having a great time down in the gym today with the crew.

Tonight teams, or "crews" were formed as on Saturday night we are going to be holding a dance off (or battle) with the two crews (of 42 people each!) dancing the night away, showing each other and the community their moves. Starting tomorrow and continuing Saturday morning and afternoon, the two crews will be learning and practicing their routines in preparation for the big night.

We also had one of our Elders and member of staff at school come down and demonstrate traditional drum dancing to everyone and were treated to a couple of performances by him with traditional songs sung by some of the participants and other community members who were in for the demonstration. A couple of the CFM members took turns trying out drum dancing and many of our youth involved in the program showed their skills as well.

Todays big "talk" session was all about bullying, which as in many communities in the North and around the world is a huge issue not only in school but out of school too. Buddah and some of the CFM's shared their own experiences with bullying - both as the giver and receiver. The group hung to every word that they spoke - you could have heard a pin drop in the gym tonight. I am hoping that our students will take this message to heart and really give a long well needed thought before they consider bullying someone again.

As usual ... pictures to follow of day 2 later on.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That group sounds like they have an amazing ability to reach those kids. That is great that they can be there!

Becky said...

How can we sign them up to come to Inuvik? I think our kids could really benefit from something like this...

Kennie said...

Becky check out the BluePrint for life Website (http://www.blueprintforlife.ca/) - there is info there.

Pretty much, you invite them to come and then the fun begins (ie: fundraising and organizing things). It took us two whole years to get everything organized up here in Arctic Bay - although other places have done it much quicker. There is some pretty good funding available through the govn't (at times, and depending on who you can get a hold of) and there is also a lot of funding available through Diabetes Canada (as the Hip-Hop promotes healthy living...). Take a look through the site and the example proposals.

Becky said...

great thanks! I'll pass it along to a few teachers I know.