It's Friday!

Friday, September 19, 2008
Well.... it's Friday .... and I really have anything to post about. This week school as been typical school, the weather has been somewhat cooperative and pleasant and I have gotten nothing good in the mail all week (other than my Mac Life magazine that arrived today).

The iceberg that was nice and close to us earlier this week has drifted back out to the far reaches of the bay - but we can still see it. Sunrises this week have been pretty neat this week with some nice pink skies (but I am never awake enough to take a good picture) .... and the moon is out and shining tonight.

Oh yes ... and I am out of water again; even though the water truck was here yesterday. We (myself and my next door neighbors) have a feeling that we were not delivered a full tank of water as we only got two loads of laundry and one shower each out of it. Usually we get at least three loads of laundry and two showers each. Sigh. Hopefully water will come tomorrow.

And in other news, Nunavut passed it's Education Act today.


Sarah Stewart said...

Love your blog and all the wonderful photos. We had considerable excitement here earlier in the year because a whopping ice burg floated by Dunedin on its way up from the antarctic:

Kennie said...

Hi Sarah,

Glad you like the blog and the photos - I"m always running around with a camera. And icebergs always create excitement, especially when they get this close into town.