Is there some sort of conspiracy that I'm not aware of?

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Yet again this weekend I am without heat. I (er we as this is also affecting my neighbors Darcy and Monty) have been without heat since about 8:00 am Saturday morning. The maintenance guys were out there until 2:30 am last night trying to get it to work - at least that is when the banging ended and I wasn't about to complain about it as they are trying to get us our heat back. And they have been back at it this morning as I can hear occasional banging coming out from the furnace room. With any luck we will have heat restored today.

And things could be worse - as we could also be out of water (which has happened a couple of times this year so far, but they have been minor outages with us getting water again a couple of hours later) or we could have no power (which has also happened this year due to a scheduled outage so not the end of the world). As long as we always have two out the the three essentials I will be happy.

So that leaves me here, sitting in my nippy unit (that is now about 13 degrees inside) wearing a hat, thermal long-johns, flannel pj pants and a warm fleece sweater wondering if I will have heat by the end of today ... as a nice warm showing Monday morning would be nice. There has been one good thing about this "lack of heat". My MBP isn't getting quite as warm as it usually goes (as in let's burn my lap) while it's processing photos in Aperture. So, I guess there is an upside to this lack of heat.