All Moved In

Saturday, August 9, 2008
Today was one long and freaking tiring day. Starting up at 7:00AM with the final tear down of the rest of my bedroom furniture (futon, desk, shelves, dresser) and lugging it all out into the living room / mudroom so that when my "hired" (er volunteer) moving help [thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!] arrived it would be a swift deal. We managed to load everything up in two loads in the truck and within an hour, I was finished moving up the hill. Now all I am waiting for is a couple of buckets of DVD's that are still being held hostage (hehe - take all the time you need getting those to me - no rush).

Unpacking was insane! I had no idea I had so much stuff with me here in the Arctic. [I can see my mother now reading this saying 'I told you so, you were packing too much'], well, how was I supposed to know what I would need for two years + living in the Arctic? It's not as bad as it seems .. most of it is clothing. If I get rid of all of it, I'm not doing so bad :-)

In all I'm in love with my new place. Even though it is smaller than the unit I was previously in, this is just more me- and considering that up the hill is where I usually spent much of my Friday-Sunday, it was just smarter to move up the hill now. And, I am also closer to all of the other teachers now, so no more walking home in the dark in the winter :-). I do miss, however; my washer and dryer from my old unit ... they were those new front loading machines.... unlike my 1980's combo I have here :-(. With any luck, I might be getting new ones on the sea lift, as well as the NEW stove that they just installed in the unit (a ceramic top stove ... sigh... oh well.. that's life right?)

And of course, the weather here in Arctic Bay is going schizo again. The town has been swallowed up by a thick fog once again. I'm glad I made it in when I did, as I don't think too many other flights have been able to land as of Thursday.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Holy fog. So, which house is yours?

Kennie said...

neither of them .. I"ll have to take a pic and get that posted :-) I was taking those pics from my doorway.