Happy Birthday (er ... Anniversary?) iPod

Friday, July 18, 2008
As I sit here on a cool night, listening to the rhythmic and calming sound of rain gently falling on the patio along with some Sigur Ros playing through the docked iPod, I can help but to think about my relationship with this wonderful little black gizmo.

For the last three years, my iPod and I have endured a love-hate relationship. We've had our ups and our downs. How joyous I was the first time I plugged you into my new iBook and you lit up, and smiled, thanking me for leaving that inferior PC behind. You were home. At one with a fellow Apple product. And how frustrated I was when you randomly decided halfway through a 10 hour road trip to let your hard drive seize - and in the process, I lost all of my music.

We've had plenty of good times together. The hours spent in the bowels of the university library with me as I dug through the stacks and archives. The random road trips we took together in vehicles packed well beyond their legal limit. And the countless hours where I played brick while sitting in some of the most boring lectures on educational theory.

As time went on, my music collection grew from a conservative 10 GB (as I was still using my discman to supplement my musical needs), to a whopping 750 GB - much of this purchased digital downloads or ripped CDs that I own.

Although I have had to replace your earphones countless times and your screen is cracked, you still can survive a 14 hour bus ride with no charging, and have accompanied me on my wild and wacky northern runs in the winter.

Happy 3rd Birthday/Anniversary iPod!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Can you believe I bought an ipod a year ago and still don't know how to use it?

Kennie said...

lol! Have you at least loaded music onto it? :-)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I tried, but I suck at it. I just don't understand it!! So there are like 10 songs on it. And I even got a video one too!! Damn technology. I am going to just steal you Kennie and lock you in my basement and force you to teach me how to use this crap.

Kennie said...

lol - as long as I get at least one meal a day and two hours outside :-)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I would feed you 7 meals a day a give you 10 hours outside if you taught me how to use this stuff. hehehe I am getting desperate :)

Kennie said...

LOL Kara.