I'm a blogger slacker

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Oppsie ... I've been slacking off on my blogging duties while on vacation (hehe) ... let's see... where to begin....

Well shortly after arriving back in Freddy Beach, I wound up being abducted (or Kennie-napped) for a evening of fun at Mexi's followed by a rowdy night at DJ's for late night "tea". It twas fun and dearly needed after the 16 hour bus trip. Earlier this week I took a little shopping trip to Bangor with the girls and gave my MC a rather good work-out. On the bright side, I think I have almost everything that I need for my return to the North. Tons of fleece gear and some entertainment for those dark cold winter days. I get back in Freddy, and I am whisked away again (like 30 minutes later) to another Mexi's / "tea" night as a group of us were having an ELP staff reunion of sorts..... lots of tea and chatting going on ........ and today I went up to the mall to the theater to see Wall-E (hehe! I so want my own Wall-E!!!).

And that is where we are in Kennie's southern vacation.

Oh the weather here has been quite schizophrenic too. All it's been doing for this last week is rain, rain and more rain - despite what the weather network states. Do not believe the weather network ... it's all lies!!! It's warmer in the North than it is in NB today.... go figure eh?