The end and the beginning

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Just as one adventure ends ... another one is about to begin ...

Being up here in the North, you take many things for granted - water, power, weather, food, entertainment, transportation and the sheer isolation of living in the North.

I've been pretty lucky here this year, only had a couple of tough days without water, the occasional power outage and the weather has been pretty decent. Food wise, i had a sea lift (that I grew very tired of around March), and I always had DVD's arriving up here from down south. Transportation ... well everything is within walking distance (except for the airport) and there was always some one out on their Honda or skidoo that would stop and offer me a lift up the hill. And, most surprisingly, the isolation of living way up North didn't bother me as much as I thought it would, and it wasn't as bad as what others who have done a Northern stint before said it was.

So, just as I am fully getting used to living in the North, and slowing down, yes everyone, I have slowed down, I am heading back south for a nice vacation, and going back to the world of the fast and the mind-boggling. Any suggestions on how not to be too overwhelmed?? other than running away to the woods with a tent for the summer?

But .... things are winding down here in Arctic Bay and at school, with tomorrow being the last day for teachers. We've had a busy last couple of weeks and these last two days have been filled with administrative work (curriculum checks, updating student files, organizing classroom assignments, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning). My rooms are pretty much done, just a couple of simple things that need to be finished up.

And at the home front, things are winding up with some crazy packing and storing of belongings going on. I have just realized that my mother was right, I did pack a lot of stuff (although, I think another word was used for stuff) :-) . But, it's all good. It's all fitting into boxes and bags. Most of my clothing has either been given away or thrown out as it just is so worn out and ratty that there was no hope for it at all.

Most of my sea lift from last year is also gone, except for the mountain of macaroni and pasta sauce ... one can only eat so much pasta in a year ... but at least I know I have enough of my order left over to get me through the first three weeks before the next sea lift arrives here in Arctic Bay.

I've started a list of things that I need for next year up here - mostly simple things (Swiffer, as a broom just doesn't cut it up here, batteries, tin foil, juice / water jugs ... pretty basic stuff). Other than that, it's more jeans, t-shits, fleece sweaters, socks and under-roos - the standard Northern gear).

This will probably be my last regular, unscheduled post for a while (at least until I get to Ottawa). And for anyone who wants to keep up with my adventures down South for the summer, head on over to North-Down-South, my southern summer blog.

Have a great summer everyone!


down south said...

Don't forget your earplugs, sun clips... and oh, it was 30C here today! Forget the noise, the heat is gonna get you!

Kennie said...

ohh... heat ... didn't think about that .... and it's not like I have too much summer gear up here either!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

The heat is miserable. We're dying down here. I miss the North!!

jen said...

Tina, would you rather have snow? Cause I would switch places with you in a heartbeat lol!

Don't worry Kennie, it will be one day of feeling like crawling under a quiet rock, but after that you will be all over starbucks drive-through and all that hub-bub!