Fredericton Flood 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008
My hometown of Fredericton is moving into a state of emergency with the flood waters rising quickly along the Saint. John River. The River is expected to hit above 8 meters today and is expected to exceed the levels of the Flood of '73.

The flood this year has caused great havoc on homes, many of which in Maugerville are currently flooded, businesses (most of downtown Fredericton is flooded as water has spilled into the roadways), schools (everyone is closed), and of course the wildlife who are trying to get to higher ground.

Roads Close as Saint John River Nears Historic Levels

Prepare for Power Outages Downtown

Animals Flooding onto Roadways as Waters Rise

NB Legislature Shut Down by Threat of Rising River

Fredericton Closes Streets as Flood Waters Rise

River Watch 2008


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I thought of you as I watched the news from back home. Have your family moved to higher ground or are they effected?

Kennie said...

My family isn't affected at all by this flood .. although it is causing grief for them if they want to drive to the other side of the river or take the scenic route out of town :-).

Other people I know though, are preparing for the worse right now and are evacuating where they are living as they live right in the major flood zone.

This isn't the first flood, nor will it be the last. We're a tough bunch in NB.

down south said...

Fredericton is drying out.. really dusty city streets tho! Lots of debris from the river too. City workers will be busy for awhile cleaning up.