Things are Pretty Normal Up Here

Sunday, April 20, 2008
Up here in the Arctic things are moving along pretty normally. The weather is rather nice outside lately hovering around -15 with little wind (for the most part, although Friday was freaking windy and cold). The sun is up and shining from 4:30 am until 10:40 pm, yet we don't really get any darkness at night anymore. I have to say, it is pretty strange being able to be outside at 2:30am and not need a flashlight.

Tonight a group of us teachers (Darcy, Monty, Petra, Alesha, Paulette, Nick, April and myself) along with Barry and John (the Mounties) all got together for a turkey potluck supper as a send off to Barry and "a what ever other holiday we missed" gathering. We, as usual, had more food than what we knew to do with. Monty cooked a wonderful turkey (courtesy of Barry who provided the turkey and John who had the roasting pan), home made stuffing, broccoli salad, deviled eggs, bacon wrapped water-chestnuts, potatoes, rice, shrimp and an amazing desert spread of walnut-coconut pie, death by chocolate cupcakes and a marble cake. We dinned, talked, laughed, argued (kinda) over who was going to do dishes, watched a bit of the hockey game and just sat back and relaxed. All of us tomorrow will be having turkey sandwiches for lunch, as we were all sent home with left overs.

The Feast

Now I'm just sitting back, relaxing watching The Simpsons.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Yum. You had me at broccolli salad.

Kennie said...

hehe ... and it was yummy!

I think I (er... we) ate enough to last me (uh.. us) to next week! It was wonderful to have something different from the rations that I'm currently living off of as there is NOTHING at the Northern right now.

down south said...

Your rations???? Seems to me my visa took a rather substantial hit for your sea lift.

Kennie said...

Hey, canned tuna and beans are now called rations ... especially when you are starting to run out of things other than macaroni :-)