Hope the Weather Co-operates

Friday, April 4, 2008
This years Skills Canada's competition is over. Everyone had a great time showcasing their talents and meeting up with others from across Nunavut.

Today most groups were to be leaving Iqaluit today ... however, mother nature decided to throw us a nice "blizzard" at 2:00 pm. Everyone (especially the teachers) went on high "air alert" around 3:00 wondering if any flights were going to be heading out. At 3:20 pm we got the bad news that most of the flights out were canceled and that everyone had to re-check into their rooms (luckily, my group was originally scheduled to depart Saturday... so we weren't involved in the chaos of this afternoon).

With any luck, we will get out on tomorrow's flight and not have to wait until Monday to catch the next flight up .... hope for good weather for all of us everyone!