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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Search Query 1: What to Wear Skidooing

Well that all depends on where you are skidooing.

Up here in the North we layer on the thermal gear like there is no tomorrow. When I head out skidooing, I wear the following: Thermal Socks, thermal wicking socks, thermal long-johns, fleece jogging pants, lined wind-proof ski pants, long-sleeved thermal polar fleece top, thick sweater, Canada Goose Parka, balaclava, hat, face mask, goggles and one rocking warm pair of mittens.

If I was skidooing down south, chances are I would be wearing pretty much the same thing, except for the Canada Goose Jacket ... I would probably just be wearing a normal winter jacket.

Search Query 2: Arctic Bay Nunavut & Light in the Sky

Back on February 18th, all three of us Arctic Bay bloggers reported on some strange lights up in the sky ... here, here, and here. Well, I finally have an answer to what those strange lights were.

The lights and objects that were seen in Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet, and Mary's River was a meteorite that broke up on re-entry. It's main impact area is believed to have been east of Devon Island in Baffin Bay.