When is the right time to begin learning a second language?

Friday, March 28, 2008
As many of you are quite well aware, I am quite twisted up about the recent educational decisions in New Brunswick ... and the news just keeps getting more interesting as days go by.

Early French immersion program has created a two-tier system: education minister

French immersion supporters jeer N.B. education minister

Saint John rally backs early French immersion

Sackville Protest

CBC Interview from Friday March, 21

French immersion advocate worried about the future of N.B. programs

Early immersion helps literacy: experts


Karen said...

Hi, I know you were probably asking a question in jest,... but my answer to you is 'As young as possible'.

I'm from tropical Singapore and of late, have been reading your blog because it'd be a dream to see the arctic for myself. Plus, your blog is really quite interesting!

Anyways, the kids here learn the 2nd language as young as 2, but the normal age is about 5. =)