Sea-Lift Order Planning Time

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Hello all of my fellow Northerners!

That time of year has come again where we all have to start planning out our next sea lift. Well, I need to know who you all use for your sea-lift as I am very disappointed with this years from the Marché (Grocery Store) that I used last year. Many things that I need to purchase (no-ifs-ands-or-buts) are not available on the sea-lift order this year (hun? why on Earth wouldn't they be??!!).

So, who do you all use? As I am starting to "shop" around.


Clare said...

I use Marche D'aoust, and have since I first came here in 1999. Part of the reason is that they pack much more securely. They've been really good at letting me make orders at the last minute also.

Kennie said...

Hmm.... do you have the contact info for them Clare? Wouldn't mind getting ahold of maybe one of their "catalogues" / order options.

I used Marche Turrenne last year. Didn't do too bad of a job on packing (although I did have a couple of broken salsa jars - that was fun to clean up. The prices weren't too bad ... but their offerings this year I find are a little lacking.

jen said...

What aren't they selling this year? I haven't even started thinking about it yet, I usually go with Marche Turrenne, but if they are sucking this year I will also need to shop around.

The marche Turrenne lady will usually go get me what I special dog food and such, so if it's just one item just try asking if she will get it for you.

Clare said...

Sorry Kennie, I never checked back for a bit and then had to search out my info. Usually they give me a call and ask if I want a catalogue each year. I also should have an email address if you wish.

TEL: (450)373-7347/9981
FAX: (450)373-4989

Kennie said...


An email address would be lovely, as I can't send faxes from school right now (at least long distance faxes) .... thxs.