RIP Netscape Navigator (Nov. 14, 1994 - Feb. 29, 2008)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Today, is another dark day in technology. AOL has finally axed, bombed, but out of its misery .... atl+ctrl+del'ed Netscape Navigator. No longer will AOL offer support or updates to Netscape.

Netscape Navigator was the first GUI browser that I ever used way back on my 486, 25 MHz, 8MB RAM, 320 MB HDD computer. It helped me research school projects with ease, get my first hotmail account, connect me to chat rooms, my first online purchase, .. and yes, it even helped me download mp3s.

Netscape Finally put to the Sword
AOL is Really, For Real Ending Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator: RIP

Netscape Navigator, I will miss you.


Jackie S said...

I got my first hotmail account on netscape too!

And STILL have it :P

Kennie said...

Same here! Although it's only used for MSN now .. and when I need to use a "junk" email to sign up for things.