Nothing much to report

Monday, February 25, 2008
Nothing much to report on about life up in the Arctic right now. This weekend was pretty quiet for me. Friday evening the girls plus Dave all gathered up at Alesha and Petra's and just chatted / vented for a while and just had a good time, as the boys weren't feeling too well or up to playing poker (which was fine by us). Saturday I lounged around the house playing with photoshop and video games. Sunday night we had an Oscar's night back up at the girls with a ton of munchies.

Today was our first day of PI, where I spent half the day at school reading up on Photoshop and learning how to do some of the more advanced techniques, and in the afternoon I ran around town with my Camera getting pictures and footage for a project that I will be working on throughout the week.

For my southern readers, enjoy the snow that is heading your way! HAHA! Glad it's you and not me!


depfife said...

Guess I'm to far south Kennie to get the snow... Delaware USA,..At 37 degrees latitude and with a strong influence from the gulf stream, most all our winter precipitation is in the form of rain.. -Jeff

Kennie said...

I have to say you are lucky Jeff. Most of Eastern Canada (NFLD, PEI, NS, NB, PQ, ON) have been buried in snow - and I mean buried. In some areas, they have hit a whopping 230 cm of snow thus far! (that's about 100 inches). Glad I'm way up here where we haven't really gotten any more snow since October.