The Trials and Tribulations of Living in the North

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
We may or may not be under a water conservation notice. Now I say may or may not be as today I was told when I called for water (since I've been waiting for a water delivery since Saturday and I would really like to take a shower - conserving water really sucks), that it will be a while before the truck gets to us. Ok I said, and dared to ask the next question... when exactly can I expect water?

Not knowing what exactly is wrong, whether it's a pipe that's frozen at the water lake or a truck that is not in commission, I set off to make sure that I had enough filtered water in the fridge for morning coffee and brushing teeth for a day or two in the event that my water tank does run dry (it's not fun when you run out of water and your tank goes dry ....). But as long as I have coffee water and water to brush my teeth, I am a happy teacher.

On the flip side, today was the first day back for high school classes. My ESL class yet again this term is small (three students registered, one that attends). This is a good and a bad thing at the same time. My media classes are heading back into full swing, with us starting our Animation module. And I was also told today in my media class that I expect too much out of them. I laughed.

I also have a new kindergarten group this term too! Bye Bye to my afternoon kinders from the fall (as they now go to school in the morning). This group is a very bright group too like the fall crew. And now that I know what I'm doing with kindergarten (it's a big mental shift going from teaching adults and university students to kindergarten students; even though they do have many similarities ....), I'm feeling a lot more confident in teaching this crew.


Jen said...

You can always Britta snow if you are desperate to brush.

The first time I went down south I realized how ingrained in my head running out of water was in me. Every time I heard running water I would turn off the tap, even though obviously you aren't going to run out down south. Then the freedom of leaving the water running while brushing your teeth sets in. It feels so wrong. lol

Kennie said...

Haha - how true Jen! Although Brittaing snow might be a little tricky here, as I would actually have to go for a good long walk to get to snow that hasn't been driven all over, peed on or has gas / oil on it (we don't get a lot of snow here). But, I decided tomorrow that I am going to be taking some extra Nalgene bottles with me to school and I"ll just grab some water from there (as the school is on the priority list for getting water).

It will be interesting when I go back down south to see how I behave with the water usage. Bad enough now I'm following the Navy shower technique.

Way Way Up said...

Ah....Day 4 without water. One more day and I'll tie a record I'd rather not (sigh).

Kennie said...

Oh poor you Darcy! The other two without water finally got some last night .... with any luck you will get some soon too... any maybe, just maybe, the neighbour won't be doing laundry at 10:30pm?? (hehe)

down south said...

I told you that you would enjoy the little ones. They are little sponges!