Snowed In

Thursday, January 31, 2008
Well, not exactly snowed in as in my house is under the snow somewhere's .... but the road to the airport has been snowed over (by blowing snow), thus making it impossible for anybody to get to or from the airport. And, well.. there is no need to go to the airport as it is closed due to the snow too! And to top it off, most flights that we would get in aren't even in the air because their airports are snowed in. Nunavut has been under a blizzard warning for a couple of days now (except for Arctic Bay and two other communities), and everything has pretty much grinded to a halt.

So with any luck, the plane will land tomorrow at 1:00 so we can get out mail and food mail ... if not, looks like Saturday, (although that doesn't look very hopeful either looking at the weather forecast) ....