Early Morning Camera Work ... er Experimenting

Thursday, January 24, 2008
Yet again, sleep has eluded me, and I found myself awake at 5:15 am .... wide awake. So what does any sane person do in the Arctic if they find themselves awake at 5:15 am? I'm not too sure, but I went outside with my camera and tripod and took a couple of shots of the moon over the mountains.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what went wrong (I have my suspicions), but instead of the sky being black-blue, it's orangy-tan (or sepia I think it's called). My theory on why this has occurred is that I have a feeling that I was "soaking" in the "light / color" that was projecting off of my house, as the flood light was still on. But still, pretty cool pictures all the same. They were taken at varying apertures and exposure lengths.


down south said...

They are neat pics! Kinda spooky.
Glad to know that your "inner" clock is still ticking! You didn't need that dawn simulator after all.

Kennie said...

I don' t know if I would say my inner clock is still working ... 5:15 am??!!

Anonymous said...

Really nice pictures.


Shelagh said...

Beautiful pictures! I have new wallpaper!!

jen said...

I was gonna say...the sun is back? I guess not.

You weren't soaking in the light off your house, the sky is too far away to be effected. :)

What was your white balance on? For some reason I find that canon's auto white balance can get a little funny sometimes. Try manually adjusting.
I am such a Nikon SNOB, but Aleks had a canon and his auto white balance was WEIRD!

Kennie said...

White balance was set at default (0,0) ... and I took the pics in tv mode - maybe that had an effect on them? Looks like I have a little more reading to do this weekend on how to tweek the white balance on my camera.

And, no, not the sun... t'was the moon.

Jackie S said...

I love your new header. It's beautiful!!!