All is Quiet in Arctic Bay

Friday, January 4, 2008
My vacation time is winding down now. Only the weekend left before we all head back to school. Am I ready? Nooo, not really. I have an idea of what I am going to teach on Monday (mostly games, review and trying to get students back into 'school mode').

Right now It's -37 outside, and there is a nice wind ... so it's really cold out there today, and I am not venturing outside at all .. unless I really have to, but don't see any reason why right now.

Currently, while I am typing up this post, I'm watching the Canada vs. USA World Jr.'s Semi-Finals .... score is 0-0, and I think Canada has finally gotten into it's groove.

** Update: Canada won, 4-1 against the USA ... moving on to the Gold Medal game tomorrow (Saturday) @ 2:00 pm on TSN **