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Sunday, December 2, 2007
The Moon at 11:49 AM

Dog Sled Team on the Ice


down south said...

Are there many dog sled teams in your community? The dogs, are they the real deal, or a mixed breed? Someone was asking the other day if housepets were as common in the north as they are here at home.

Jen said...

I don't know about your community Kennie, but in ours, dogs are left outside year round. People think I am weird to bring my dog inside.
Man it would be soo cool to own my own team, I just need to work on Nathan.

Kennie said...

Jen, all of the dogs here (other than those that southerners own) are outside all the time. This is the first team that was moved to the ice on the bay ... others will likely move during the week. I can see you now with a dogsled team and all of those dogs inside... Nathan would have a fit! :-)

Mom, the dogs up here are the real deal. Their isn't any 'house pets' like down south - animals up here are seen as a tool, not as part of the family (except for a couple of the southerners who have their dogs up here with them.... they are pets). There is a number of dog sled teams here (the exact number, I'm not sure), there is an annual Dog Sled race from Igloolik to Arctic Bay, I'll be sure to get pictures of that.

Jeff Whipple said...


Glad to see you are having such a wonderful experience way up there. I am actually jealous of you. Would love to see this beautiful area of our wonderful country.

Keep to get your feed in my RSS aggregator.

Take care,