My first Christmas in the North

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
This is one of those monumental moments in a person's life ... their first Christmas in a new location. And it was a nice one too. Nice and relaxing.

It all very much so began on Christmas Eve when Aletha came by to pick me up for a walk around.... well back up to her place by the time she got here with Susanne. From there, it was just sitting back, drinking tea and watching movies and Law and Order on TV.

Today, well.... was pretty much the same. After tearing into the Christmas pack that Mom sent up full of goodies that I can now enjoy (Socks, send more of those, those are nice socks... DVDs.... cookies ... chocolate.... an Eeyore fleece zip ... more chocolate / food), I gave my chauffeur (hehe - yeah, I know, I can feel the smack coming now) a call to get a lift up the hill over to Christmas supper central.

Well, modern technology has a way of taking its revenge upon us and making us realize how dependent we are on it (or more particularly, how much it will suck to do one's job without a vehicle), the truck would not start. After many attempts and phone calls back and forth, I decided to brave the cold, and just hike up the hill. Although, it was quite chilly (-36!) I did get some nice pictures of Arctic Bay on Christmas Day (and there was not a soul outside ... it was pretty eerie, but I have a feeling most people were still in bed, as games and dances didn't end until 5am this morning).

Smoke, on the Water...

Arctic Bay @ 1:10 pm

Arctic Bay @ 2:45 pm

Arctic Bay @ 4:47 pm

After freezing my butt off outside, I made it to Christmas Central, and of course, resumed my tv watching position from the day before .. but was also treated to an excellent veggie omelet. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies, preparing veggies, a quick trip out to the hotel to pick up some fresh buns and gravy ... and of course, calling John with many suggestions as to why the truck wouldn't start.

But, it all worked out in the end, and we had a scrumptious turkey roasted by John (who I think is secretly a gourmet chef).

We ate, and talked, and ate some more. A good time was had by all.


Jen said...

What beautiful shots! It's amazing to walk in crunchy snow, have the stars shine down on you and not a soul in site. Sounds like a very magical Christmas day!

down south said...

You could start a sideline as a photographer! Very nice pics. Glad to hear you spent a good Christmas. It sure was different here, not having you around. Glad you liked the goodie box!