The Weather Gods are on Our Side

Sunday, November 4, 2007
Woot! Our two new teachers have FINALLY arrived here in Arctic Bay! YEAAAAAH!!!!!!!! They made it here around 9:00ish (landed at 7:30 in Nanisivik). I met them at their place, made sure it was nice and warm and had lights that at least worked, dropped off some breakfast for them (couple of boxes of little cereal and yogurt, got them caught up in the usual things on how Arctic Bay runs and left them to unpacking / sleeping / figuring things out.


down south said...

You're kinda like the Welcome Wagon of the North!

Kennie said...

Yeah, I kinda am. I was one of the few southern teachers that was up here when they arrived (as three of our other southerners were down in Iqaluit for soccer). And, I figured, I was the one that they called when they had questions, and since there was no one here to greet me when I arrived, I thought that someone should at least be there to meet them.