Saturday, November 17, 2007
Today I went out to Victor Bay to check out the iceberg that was frozen in place in the Bay. Although it's a baby iceberg, it was still impressive. I have to say, that while I was walking around it and over it the sight of it left me speechless. It had a striking blue color to it, and the patterns of how the water froze in it (or on it) were amazing.


down south said...

Really nice chunks of ice! I see the parka has been taken out of the box! Check facebook for a message! E-mail is down again.

Jen said...

OMG, it's beautiful! How much light did you have getting out there before it got dark?

Kennie said...

Well I left here around 12:20 and we were just getting to the bright time of the day (it was 'light' out around 11:00) and by 2:00 the sun was starting to go down and the flash came out. By 2:30 when I left, it was heading back into that need a flashlight / headlight time again. So about 3 hours of decent light.

Some of the pics I did send through photoshop to lighten them up some :-)