Rules of Engagement... er.. Podcasting 101

Monday, October 15, 2007
Well, today I got my media students started in using Garage Band ... I am going to need ear plugs as it was quite noisy in the classroom with 15 students on 15 computers all playing with the sound effects in garageband. I did remind / ask / plead with students to remember to bring in earphones for next class that way they wouldn't be competing for "air space" :-). But I will say, it was pretty amazing watching them all working and concentrating on how to create music using garageband, learning how to import in loops and adding tracks to their musical creation. For the next couple of classes, they will be working on creating up script outlines (that way I have an idea of what they are going to be talking about in their podcast).

It is quite rewarding to see these students engrossed in their work down here. At the beginning of the school year I wasn't too sure on how this course was going to go.... but I have a good feeling about it now, and I can see these two groups creating some digital masterpieces.